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A Change for the Better
Individual and Couples Counselling, Coaching, Clinical Supervision

Hello - I'm Carol Kay and I can work with you to change your life for the better

Face to face, on line or telephone

Learn more from my website or contact me for more information
       07813 376703



I am a qualified counsellor, coach and clinical supervisor, a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and bound by its ethical framework - click here to read it.

I've worked as a counsellor for more than 10 years, as a coach for seven years and  as a clinical supervisor for three years.

I bring to my counselling, coaching and supervision work, many years' experience as a senior leader in the charitable and public sectors, mainly in social housing.

I have experience of  working with a wide range of issues - personal, lifestyle, traumatic experiences, mental health.

Specifically, I can work with you on issues related to

- distressing/traumatic life events

- post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

- anxiety and depression

- emotional, physical and sexual abuse, including coercive control

- relationship difficulties

- assertiveness/ self confidence/ self esteem

- bereavement and loss

- ageing and related issues

- self harm

- spirituality/ meaning of life

- suicidal feelings

- unhappiness with your life

- violence/ victim support, including domestic violence

I  have a particular expertise in working with trauma and its after effects.

To my supervision, I bring a varied experience of counselling and many years' experience of working with individuals and teams to help them find, and give of, their best, using a counselling/ coaching approach.


Counselling - a change for the better

My approach is based round building a close, trusting, safe relationship with you, my client.

I work without assumptions with you as an individual and the issues you bring to counselling.  I am able to adapt my approach to meet your specific needs.

My aim is to create a safe and supportive place where you can explore your issues and options to change for the better.

Counselling takes commitment.  To get the best from counselling, it's important that you can commit to attend agreed sessions.  Initially, sessions are generally weekly.

My therapy room is in my home in the lovely Brecon Beacons, providing a peaceful, beautiful setting for our time together.


Talking Therapy

I generally offer sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am to 5pm.  If your circumstances don't fit with this, I may be able to flex arrangements in particular circumstances.  

Typically a session will last 50 minutes and will take place weekly.

My approach is person and relationship centred.  I take a collaborative approach - client and counsellor working together to explore your issues, your options and identify a way forward.

Our counselling relationship is central to successful counselling outcomes. For that reason, I offer a no cost, no obligation telephone discussion to check our compatibility.

Costs - £60 for individuals/ £90 for couples per 50 minutes session.

Walking Therapy

Sometimes, it can be easier and more beneficial to talk whilst walking.

I offer Walking Therapy - walking and talking in the beautiful countryside around my home - at an energy level to suit you.

Bridge shot.jpeg
Walking Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get an appointment? 

It depends how busy I am.  I can give you an idea of current waiting times when you get in touch.

How long does a session last?

Usually 50 minutes, the counselling hour.  Exceptionally, we might decide together to vary that to meet your specific requirements.  


How many sessions will I need?

That depends on you and the issues you bring to counselling.  Some clients only need a small number of sessions, others need longer therapy


How often would we need to meet?

Typically we would meet weekly.  Exceptionally, we might decide together to vary that as the therapy progresses. 


Who decides what we talk about?

You do - but we'll agree at the outset what you want to get out of counselling.  Part of my job is to make sure we stay on track and that your counselling stays focussed on the issues you have identified as most important to you.


How much will it cost?

£60 per session for individuals; £90 per session for couples


Can I park nearby?

There is plenty of parking in the road outside my home

What My Clients Say

What My Clients Say

"I've learned so much from you, I would recommend you to anyone" D

"Thank you so much.  You are worth your weight in gold" H


"Working with Carol gave me the space to explore my options without pressure and to gain the insight I needed to make some important decisions" B

" Exploring my situation with Carol helped me realise that I needed to make some big changes.  With Carol's help I was able to explore my options and think through the best way for me to feel more fulfilled in my life". S

"Carol helped me realise  that I have the resources and resilience to deal with work and family issues and helped move me from worrying to taking action" M


Carol Kay

Abergavenny Counselling

Appletree Cottage

School Lane


Abergavenny, NP7 9RH

 07813 376703


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - 10am to 5pm


Govilon is a couple of miles outside Abergavenny and on two bus routes.  Ring me if you need detailed directions

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